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Signifying nothing

I’m a geek. I’ve finally given into the desire to make Population: One even more full of cute little Web gimmicks; namely, we’re PHP-based now. If this means nothing to you, you ought to ignore it, which is generally good advice around here. Unless I’m talking about politics; all that stuff is Holy Writ.

Anyhow, I abashedly admit that I made the change simply so that I could implement the random quote you’ll see over there on the right of the page under the Search box. There. See it? Yeah. It’s random.

On the bright side, I can now make the blogrolls PHP-based as well, which means they won’t be dependent on the whims of your browser’s JavaScript implementation. Not that anybody’s complained but I’ve always felt a little shady about that.


  1. kit kit

    Look! It’s random! That’s nifty! I want one! o.o

  2. Does your hosting site have PHP? If so, you could.

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