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Great strides in liberty

The Libertarian Party has broken new ground; they’ve successfully petitioned the FEC for the right to sell their mailing lists. By “sell their mailing lists,” I mean “sell them to any random bulk mailer who wants to send me more junk mail.” This allows the LP to work around some of the unfortunate side effects of the BCRA, which prohibits political parties from accepting money from corporations.

I pretty much approve of the Libertarian Party being permitted to enter into business transactions, but I gotta quibble at the particular one they chose to defend. They should recognize that as a political party, they are an organization with closer ties to the government than other types of organization, and as a result certain activities should come under greater scrutiny. Selling personal information is one of them.

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  1. t.rev t.rev

    I rather suspect that quite a few party members will drop out because of this, too.

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