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What does "is" mean?

Rumsfeld, Rumsfeld, Rumsfeld.

“And the idea that inspectors can go in there and discover things, and find things, if they were be that, they would have been named ‘finders’ or ‘discoverers’ instead of ‘inspectors.’”

Damn! Do my local health inspectors know about this? Do home inspectors know about this? Does Inspector Clouseau — well, OK, that last is a bad example. But geeze, guy, inspector does include the concept of finding out when someone’s lying. Hm; I think the word he’s looking for as an alternative is “investigator,” which definitely has more connotations of someone uncovering hidden truths. Still, inspector carries some of that weight as well.

Mind you, as — someone, damn it, I can’t find the link. Anyhow, as someone pointed out, the UN inspectors have in fact discovered and found things, so it seems pretty churlish to claim that they’re incapable of said actions at this stage in the game.

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  1. Flaire Jane Salvilla Flaire Jane Salvilla

    for me, it simply means the number of inhabitants in a certain place, as stated, and as what I believe, overpopulation means poverty, as you can see in the country Philippines, I can compare it to that, overpopulated, especially on Manila,

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