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The game of three

OK. This is the movie trilogy game. It’s really simple. Pick three movies that form a trilogy, but weren’t meant to.

My personal favorite is this group: Henry V (the Branagh version), Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, and Henry and June. The Henry Trilogy. See? It’s easy.

You can go thematic, too. Heavenly Creatures, The Young Poisoners Handbook, and The Butcher Boy. The Children of the British Empire Behaving Badly Trilogy.

It’s best if it’s a trilogy with a weird angle, which is why the Henrys beat the Children all hollow, but the Children are an OK entry because who’d ever imagine three movies like that? Also, they don’t share many other elements, although Ireland (where The Butcher Boy is set) is a bit close to England (where Young Poisoners Handbook is set). You want as little in common between the movies as possible other than the linking theme… no, that’s not quite right. Elements have to either be the same (the linking theme, the location, etc.) or different. You can’t have two movies set in swamps and one set in mountains, but if all three are in swamps, that’d be OK.

Anyhow, my previous entry reminded me that the Game Show of Death Trilogy is now a going concern; Battle Royale, Series 7, and The Running Man. Again, a little weak, since two of ‘em are from the US — but Series 7 is so indie it practically doesn’t exist in the same world as Running Man.

I am still looking for a third movie to fill out Gangster No. 1 and Velvet Goldmine. The link between the two is left as a puzzle for the reader, but I will say that Scandal is very close to being perfect.

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