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Sidekick update

L’il Bolt’s training is coming along nicely, but I fear he lacks the fire necessary to —

Oh, sorry, wrong kind of sidekick.

I’m still pretty happy with this Sidekick, with some caveats. The software bugs which prevent it from ringing when Keyguard is enabled are annoying. The battery life is short enough so that I have to recharge it every night without fail. Also, my thumb wheel broke and I had to get the entire unit replaced. All in all, I’d say it’s about 85% of the way there and I still recommend it for people like me who don’t mind being early adopters. Danger is currently claiming that a software update to address known bugs will show up sometime in March, but that’s not a firm date.


  1. I think my only persisten complaint at this point is that it keeps ending up in a state where I can’t get an internet connection unless I reboot the machine. Well, that, and the delusion of being a hardened thumbwarrior has sort of faded, and my I just can’t type with enthusiasm and alacrity anymore.

    There are definite flaws somewhere in the manufacture/QC flow, though. A lot of people have reported problems within the first week or two – including my personal favorite, someone whose Sidekick melted while charging.

  2. That would be slick, a software upgrade that fixes both charging time and flaky thumbwheel. Hmm. 🙂

  3. baka baka

    Does anybody know where can we update or even know how touse the sdk a modem to laptop. its pretty good lookin phone fr nothin’

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