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Free as in Mercedes

You gotta love these little self-fulfilling prophecies. The New York Sun tells us, in the course of arguing that anti-war protests should be forbidden, that “His [Thomas Friedman’s] point was that if terrorists strike again at America and kill large numbers of Americans, the pressure to curb civil liberties and civil rights will be ‘enormous and unstoppable.’ What we took from that was that the more successful the protesters are in making their case in New York, the less chance they’ll have the precious constitutional freedom to protest here the next time around.”

Well, the Sun writers clearly failed reading comprehension classes. What Friedman meant was that another 9/11 would make more people willing to listen to drivel such as the Sun is pumping out. It’s a warning against people like the Sun. Bah.

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  1. Not to mention the fact that the underlying assumption that war somehow /reduces/ terrorism.

    A principle that has obviously worked well in, well, the entire rest of the world.

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