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Origami of the soul

Weird gaming idea of the day:

You hand out character sheets that are folded up like origami, and instruct the players not to unfold them. They start out with the stats and skills and self-knowledge that are visible on the outside. At various points in play, you instruct them to make certain unfolds. New information is thus revealed, and put into play.

If you wanted to randomize things a little, you could use a cootie catcher, but I’m not sure the associations are right.

I think you’d want to use the concept for an amnesiac game, of course. Looking beyond that, though, there are other possibilities. It’d be an interesting way to simulate bursts of energy, maybe… hm. Actually, in some ways this is just a weird mutation of the click-base concept. The other primary influences are Sandman: The Map of Halal and a con game I played in once where we had a base character sheet for our stats, and an overlay character sheet which changed depending on which personality chip we plugged in.

If I knew origami I could develop this idea. Alas.

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  1. Jacob Jacob

    Thats a good idea Bryant

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