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  1. anonymous anonymous

    Interesting, but kind of weak so far. In a lot of places he doesn’t so much annotate as criticize, which would be excusable if he had more of an idea what he was talking about (e.g. he doesn’t know the significance of ‘nt’?)

    One of my favorite bits so far is the Sisters of Mercy reference in the bathroom of the flight to Tokyo. I am pretty sure there was a similar SoM reference in the Virtual Light trilogy, but I forget where or what it was.

  2. t.rev t.rev

    Darn it, that was me there. I have no idea how ‘Captain Meticulous’ got there.

  3. t.rev t.rev

    He later complains that the footage wouldn’t be able to be maximized without introducing artifacts, but later in the book there’s a reference to the footage being shot at some extremely high resolution specifically so it *can* be maximized. This raises a whole different issue of bandwidth, of course.

  4. It’s a concept built around one noticed element (the Chris Cunningham bit), so far. I gave him a clue on the NT thing. It’d be more forgivable if he didn’t go on about his own length of experience in cyberspace.

    Come to think of it, I’m gonna get pretty tired of reading complaints about commas fairly soon.

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