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This is the obligatory “wow, look at all that darned snow” entry. You’ve been warned. My driveway is snowed in so I can’t go anywhere so I have nothing better to do than to take pictures of the white stuff on the ground. I am comforted in the knowledge that various and sundry back in California will go “Wow, it must really suck to live out there.” Ha! I have a fireplace and a roaring fire going. Shows what they know.

Stiff upper lip, and all that. Thumbnails follow, they link to bigger pictures, you know the drill.

Two cars in front of my apartment.

The aforementioned driveway. My car is the second from the end. You can see why I’m staying put.

Another street view, this one up the street a ways from my place.


  1. kit kit

    I feel like I should go take pictures of my driveway now. In fact, maybe I will.

  2. Dor Dor

    You can see those cars, though, which is a step up from my little Honda, which is entirely invisible. I had no place to clear the rest of my driveway but on top of it, you see.

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