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  1. I dunno, I’d hope that Stan Lee has figured out that most geeks are pretty boring.

    I imagine they must be shooting for one of two angles – either the American Idol format (1 in a thousand is worth keeping, and 10 in a thousand are worth laughing at) or shooting straight for the 10 in a thousand that are worth laughing at. So the question becomes – how many people are willing to dress up as a superhero of their own design, and of those, how many are actually interesting when dressed up as a superhero of their own design?

    I’ll spare you my estimates, but my conclusion is that liking superheroes indicates against being interesting. Furthermore, people whe are both interested in superheroes and themselves interesting are, for various reasons, more likely than not to be productively employed. I think mostly what they’ll end up with are a bunch of actors and stand-up comedians who will acquire an interest in superheroes because this role requires it, and a bunch of people genuinely interested in comic books with a fundamental lack of charisma.

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