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The good people at CafePress have finally added data CDs and audio CDs to their product list. You have to send in a master, but they’re working on allowing you to upload MP3s instead. CafePress stores will include audio samples for audio CDs, and the packaging is full jewel cases with inserts. I can’t tell if CafePress’s CDs are commercial grade or CD-Rs. The base price for CDs is $4.95, and shipping and handling is $5 for the first item — so pricing is pretty competitive. You could get slightly better prices going with a specialized CD fulfillment house, but the interfaces there are not as slick.

Can’t wait for the book offerings.


  1. I wonder if, when they start taking MP3s, they’ll include the bitrate in the details page. I’m not concerned about people deliberately using low bitrates, so the fact that they could circumvent it doesn’t bother me. But I know a lot of people think 128 is good enough, it would be nice to automatically know.

  2. I am guessing not. They don’t include the DPI for pictures, after all, which seems to me analogous. That is kind of a drawback, yeah.

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