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It occurs to me that the ideal system for a Malazan Empire game would be Hero Wars. Which makes more sense the more I think about it; the Malazan Empire is heavily informed by Steven Erikson’s background in anthropology and archeology, after all. Glorantha is right up there with Tekumel in the upper echelons of similarly-influenced worlds. It seems you can’t write this sort of fantasy without an understanding of the way the mythic touches the everyday, and Hero Wars is admirably suited for that sort of thing. It is designed to scale from the mundane to the realms of the gods.

This makes it a great framework for a world in which the gods are often mere mortals ascended to a new existence, n’est pas? I’d have to hack out a magic system. The Hero Wars system is plenty loose enough but none of the four systems detailed in the main rulebook fits the warrens. I’d also have to write up keywords for the world, but that’s easy enough. Malkazans, Wickens, Seven Cities, Barghest, Tiste Andii, Genabackis Free Cities, Rhivi, perhaps even T’lan Imass… not that hard. It’d be more time consuming figuring out the warrens.

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