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Tactile posting

If you’re using Brad Choate’s Textile plugin for Movable Type, you’ve no doubt noticed it’s a pain to edit the pre-formatted <a> tag that’s generated by your MT bookmarklet. And if you haven’t, well, I have. Here’s how to patch your MT installation to make it all pretty and Textile-like.

  1. Edit the file lib/MT/App/ in your MT installation
  2. Go to line 631, which should read:
    $param{text} = sprintf qq(&lt;a title=&quot;%s&quot; href=&quot;%s&quot;&gt;%s&lt;/a&gt;\n\n%s),
  3. Replace that line with:
    $param{text} = sprintf qq(&quot;%s&quot;:%s\n\n%s),
  4. Go down 3 more lines, to the second instance of:
    scalar $q->param('link_title'),
  5. Delete that line (line 634 in an unmodified



  1. Just in case you didn’t realize — you don’t have to edit the hyperlink. MT-Textile allows you to use HTML markup too.

  2. Yeah, I’m just a neat freak. 🙂 This is not a necessary tip, simply an obsessive one.

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