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Guilty, guilty pleasures

So it’s not like I’ve been on the edge of my seat awaiting the next Crow movie. However, if you tell me that Lance Mungia is directing, and that the cast includes Dennis “Time To Make The Rent” Hopper and Danny “Badass For Hire” Trejo? Sure, I’m there. We also get Edward “I Had A Career” Furlong, Tara “Eye Candy” Reid, and David “Looking For That Film Breakthrough” Boreanaz. And, as a special bonus, Tito “I’m Actually A No Holds Barred Fighter” Ortiz. (No kidding. Expect bad acting.) But still! Mungia last directed Six-String Samurai and that earns him some trust in my book.

So it’ll be a glorious piece of cheese, no doubt. Betcha it makes a few million over cost.

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