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Well that's good then

“President Bush will tell Americans on Thursday evening that the major fighting in Iraq is over and the threat to the United States has ended, a Bush administration spokesman said.”

No, really, that’s what he said. The threat is gone.

What threat was that again? Cause as so elegantly espoused here, we didn’t find any threat. We found no weapons of mass destruction. No evidence that Saddam had a viable nuclear program. Saddam didn’t use the hypothetical weapons of mass destruction as a last gasp. We didn’t find any of Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction in the hands of the terrorist base in Northern Iraq.

If Saddam by some miracle smuggled all the chemical warheads into Syria before the war ended, well, then the threat is pretty much not gone — just moved. So that must not be an ongoing hypothesis, which is good, because it was pretty damned unlikely.

We took apart Saddam’s army in under a month; that wasn’t very threatening.

What exactly was Saddam going to do that posed such a big threat to the US? Answers may not postulate chemical weapons until we actually find some.

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  1. I think Tom Tomorrow fielded this question already, actually.

    It suddenly occurs to me that this is just more of George W. Bush’s geopolitical performance art – he just created and destroyed the world’s largest straw man.

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