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And then

Absolutely awesome campaign concept, plus a bonus first session writeup. Man, I am beginning to yearn for some good pulp. Here’s the most brilliant gem out of all the brilliant gems:

The characters were all previous associates who had been in Paris just before the bombs were dropped. They don’t talk about what happened there, but as a result of it they all swore an oath — an oath which takes preference over loyalties, family and faith. Each of them can call on the others to help them with any situation once and once only. For the first time, one of them has invoked the oath.

This turned out to be a nice way of getting people together, and ensuring that they’d stay that way. We didn’t go into detail about what happened in Paris, just saying that they never talk about it, but the players could, and did, allude to it in play. I’m hoping that after a number of sessions there will have been enough hints that I can run a flashback scenario set there tying all the allusions together.

One of my favourite moments in the game came when someone said something like “It could be worse – we could be back in Paris.” and everyone nodded sagely and shuddered. “What happened in Paris?” asked one of the NPCs.

“WE DON’T TALK ABOUT PARIS!” chorussed the entire player group.


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