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Ya got breasts

To my vast amusement, the Koppel-Argamon Gender Predictor believes Reese is female. Seriously! There’s some sort of gender-determining algorithm which looks way too simplistic from where I’m standing which is meant to determine whether the author is male or female. The latest Dear Brother tests as feminine.

Link thanks to Kip, who I don’t know at all so why am I using his first name?


  1. Because “Mr. Manley” is so inestimably silly, only my father can pull it off with aplomb.

    To be fair to the “gender” predictor, it will be more accurate (in whatever it’s measuring) the larger a sample it has to work with. A reading of male or female for a single short work can be as much due to chance as to whatever pattern(s) it seeks.

  2. That’d explain it.

    Hm. I handed it 13000 words of the Dear Brother letters, and it’s still confused. But Reese is pretty fond of the word “not,” which may throw things off.

  3. See? Femininity is dark and negative and wet and cool, like yin. Masculinity is bright and positive and dry and warm, like yang. Which is why boys were dressed in pink in the 19th c. and girls were dressed in blue. –Wait a minute!

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