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Invoking the LazyWeb. I am trying to find this typeface:

It is not Bernhard Gothic, although it’s close. However, the “W” is stepped, like Burghley (although much more regular). I have a PDF with this typeface in it, and it’s identified as Malloy, but I cannot find Malloy on the Web.

I’m perfectly willing to pay for this, I just can’t find the damned thing.

Edit: found it myself; it’s Martin Gothic Bold. (And while I’m at it: ITC Garamond Book Condensed.)


  1. Sadly, that failed. 🙁

  2. scrappykid scrappykid

    Is this another Shadowfist font? It looks awfully familiar…

  3. Why, yes, it is. It’s the card title font. It’s also used for the power, body, and so on.

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