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Monday Mashup #8: Beach Boys

Your Mashup, should you choose to accept it: the Beach Boys. Yeah, the surfer legends, the face of 1960s surf music, the boy band of the decade — the Beach Boys. Without pushing in any particular direction, I’d say there’s potential for romantic scenarios, ecological scenarios, fun-oriented scenarios, or even auto racing scenarios. A lot of roleplaying is oriented towards the big deadly problem. The Beach Boys… are not. What can you do with the sun-drenched teenage hormonal wonderland evoked by “Surfer Girl”?

If that doesn’t tickle your fancy and you prefer the Smile lyrics, though, be my guest. That stuff is pretty cool too.

Me? Well, I was thinking it’d be fun to take the California of the Beach Boys and drop it in the middle of Exalted. I know this violates the theme of tremendously serious Solars fighting for justice and all, but come on — they’re Solars! Sun! How much clearer could it be?

So you have a group of Solars who have a nice little beach somewhere in the Scavenger Lands, and there’s a village next door, and they’re the big kahunas of the place. It’s relaxed. Sometimes the Empire tries to make trouble and the Solars have to deal with it, and sometimes the Fair Folk drift through, and sometimes the sun forgets to rise and the Solars have to go on a quest to remind it or some such epic Exalted thing.

But a lot of the time it’s suntanning and flirting with the village boys and girls.


  1. This week, Bryant asks us to mash up the Beach Boys. Sun, fun, surf, and music are some of the…

  2. Hee hee! When I finally run Exalted, I may have to steal this!

  3. I’ve submitted mine on my blog in the form of a new race for Dungeons and Dragons.

  4. I’ve submitted mine on my blog in the form of a new race for Dungeons and Dragons.

  5. That’s a really nice take on it, Nuadha — thank you! (I like the Buffy adaptation too, btw, Ginger. Move to Boston, I wanna play in your games. *grin*)

  6. Thanks!

    You know, the sad thing is that I can’t find a FTF group. While I’m not likely to move to Boston–although anything is possible, particularly if you know of a job for my husband–if you move to Houston, we can work something out. 🙂

  7. Population: One: Monday Mashup #8: Beach Boys Without pushing in any particular direction, I

  8. Finally got mine up for this and Shogun.

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