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  1. That’s a neat little case, but this guy ($239, P4) wins the form-factor war in my opinion. I have the older version, the Sabre ($189, P3), and it’s fairly close to silent; I assume the new incarnation is about the same. The one downside is that if you want to stack something heavy on top of it (like a 17″ CRT), it has to be larger so that it rests on the edges, since there’s not a good support across the center. But it fits in an entertainment center a lot better than the EZ-Buddie, or the more cube-ish ones like the Shuttle.

  2. Oh, and the other caveat is that the Sabre (and presumably the Samba) ship with whatever CD-ROM drive they were able to get out of the dumpster across the street. There’s no telling what you’ll get, but it’s guaranteed to sound like a Cessna. If you want it to be quiet and play a CD, or if you want it to play a DVD at all, you’ll probably have to invest a bit more.

  3. Nice! I’ll have to contemplate those. This unit is going to go underneath a bed, so form factor isn’t quite as important, though.

  4. Oh my god. You are so going to get me in trouble.

    Why didn’t I realize that my bed was a server closet before?

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