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How we do it

I can’t quote just part of this. Here. Have the whole thing.

It’s going to happen someday. We’re going to win the world series someday. You know it. I know it. We all know it. And somewhere buried deep within all of us is the tiniest sliver of the joy that is that someday. And that joy is boundless. If it were a mountain it would stub it’s toe on Mount Everest. If it were an ocean, it would consider the Atlantic a puddle of rainwater. If it were a painting it would make the Sistine Chapel, the Mona Lisa, and all the works of all the greatest artists in all the great museums of the world look like the fingerpaints of a two year old. In its depth, breadth, and sheer beauty, the world has not seen its like. Perhaps that’s why it has been too long, because the world is terrified what might happen if that joy is released. Breaking the atom has nothing on this.

And we’ve each got a little bit of that inside us so when we take the field Saturday night our world will be filled with joy. And should we lose, our world will be filled with joy cunningly disguised as anguish, fury, and utter disappointment but only for the moment. Once that moment has passed the crowd will rise as one and cheer for the team, for the joy we’ve had in watching them, and for the knowledge that someday it will be our day.

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