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Fight night Boston

Boston Dirt Dogs has an email exclusive (will scroll off the front page after a day or so) on the Tim Hudson nightclub brawl. I’d be pretty pissed at Hudson if I were an Oakland fan.

Edit: David Pinto notes that the story is anonymously sourced. He’s got a point, but Boston Sports Media mentions that Steve Burton of WBZ’s Sports Final also reported the story Sunday night. The San Francisco Chronicle article ran on Monday and was not sourced by Steve Burton.

I believe they call this a developing rumor. Er, developing story. Yeah.


  1. Kirby Krueger Kirby Krueger

    They really should save the late-night carousing until after the World Series. Especially now that he turned up inexplicably lame in game 4 – if he’d been in top form, spotted 4 runs, odds are pretty good I wouldn’t be rushing home to see (most of) the game tonight.

    Not that I think much of the Boston fan who asked him to leave. I imagine it wasn’t phrased _quite_ that nicely – in my years of experience in Sports Fandom, there’s a subset of Boston fans that are exceedingly good at picking fights, saying just the right rude comment that otherwise mild-mannered folks just can’t walk away from. (Not to say that other teams don’t have rude fans – rather, that they’re not as good at it.) Given the bias of the source, and the source’s source, one has to read between the lines, but I don’t think the conclusion that Hudson is some kind of crazy man is necessarily true. (It’s possible, but usually things like that seem to get out, and I’ve read a _lot_ of press about the A’s without seeing that.)

    Still, shouldn’t have been there, shouldn’t have gambled with his health in that situation. A provoked fool is still a fool.

    The lack of mention of violence from Zito lends the story some credibility – if it were a true enemy-team-slander story, I bet they’d have at least taken a shot at Zito during the violence report. Which is extremely out of character for him – he’s pretty much the Zen Buddhist of Baseball.

    Shame on Hudson, and shame on the Boston Fan who picked the fight.

  2. Yeah, I’d go with that. The Boston fan was undoubtedly a total putz. The Dirt Dogs referred to him as a rockhead, and that sounds right to me.

  3. The San Francisco Chronicle reported this morning that Oakland A’s pitcher Tim Hudson injured himself in a late night brawl

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