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Killer R's

Charles Kuffner is still the man for Texas redistricting news. At the moment, the Republicans can’t agree on a map. The Legislature has adjourned until Wednesday for Yom Kippur. They’ve missed the deadline for redistricting in time to get all the necessary changes made before the 2004 primaries, which means that if they want to redistrict now they have to reduce the importance of Texas in the presidential primary process.

Now, I suspect that the impending pressure of the end of the third special session (next Monday) may result in a deal before then. It’ll be very embarassing if Texas has to call a fourth special session to get this done, and it’ll probably squelch any possibility of the redistricting occuring before the 2004 elevtions, so I can easily see a few Republicans putting aside their redistricting differences.

But man. What a foulup on the part of Texas Republicans. Maybe redistricting was a bad idea to start with, huh?

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