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Big fat untruths

Or possibly the Saudi/Pakistan nuke story is completely untrue.

We can still invade, though.

Hm. On further thought… why would Israeli intelligence want to spread that story? The implications are unpleasant. Not that I’m saying I don’t think Israeli intelligence would do that, it’s just worrisome. Weren’t we supposed to be stabilizing the Middle East?


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  3. Not a straw man at all – see recent speeches by Bush:

    “Who can possibly think that the world would be better off with Saddam Hussein still in power? Surely not the dissidents who would be in his prisons, or end up in his mass graves. Surely not the men and women who would fill Saddam’s torture chambers and rape rooms. Surely not the families of the victims he murdered with poison gas. Surely not anyone who cares about human rights and democracy and stability in the Middle East.”

    “We cannot let up in our offensive against terror, even a bit, and we must continue to build stability and peace in the Middle East and Asia as the alternatives to hatred and fear.”

  4. Yeah. It’s our stated purpose; it’s obviously not the real purpose.

    Well, and to be fair you have to stick a time element in there — you don’t necessarily want a “stable” state of conflict between Israel and Palestine, for instance.

    But I don’t think the Bush plan gets long term stability either.

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