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Danger climbing

I’m not sure what I think about Pakistan providing nukes to Saudi Arabia, other than that I can’t be sure if the article is even accurate. One anonymous source is a thin reed.

You could claim that this is the result of recent Israeli saber-rattling, but really, it’s not. It’d be more accurate to claim that a nuclear Israel will inevitably encourage other Middle Eastern countries to get the bomb.

And, of course, a US-occupied Iraq changes the balance of power in the Middle East. This sort of thing is an inevitable consequence. It’s not clear that it’s an unacceptable consequence; Saudi Arabia with nukes is hardly the end of the world. But this move certainly shouldn’t be unexpected.

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  1. Bruce Baugh Bruce Baugh

    Actually, I think that Saudi Arabia with nukes might end up being a good approximation of the end of the world. Look at who’s been providing both money and lives for Al Qaeda to use, and whose officials get privileged entry to and exit from the US even in the severest crises, and whose subjects at large seem to enjoy a lot less scrutiny on their visa applications than, say, Mexican or Taiwanese folks looking for honest labor…I don’t think I’m being all that paranoid to imagine one or more nuclear warheads making their way out of Saudi stores and into terrorist hands, and then not needing a conventional delivery system thanks to having other ways of moving goods around with little to no official scrutiny.

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