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Monday Mashup #16: Stairway to Heaven

I’m feeling musical again today, but this time we’ll go for a specific song rather than an entire musical oeuvre. Our mashup of the week is "Stairway to Heaven" by Led Zeppelin.

Now, I’m no Led Zeppelin expert, but I read that song as describing some significantly transformative events. I’m pretty sure the lady in question is making bad, materialistic choices. And I think we have a few Tolkien references. Seems like that ought to be enough to work with.

Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines.

I’d use Trinity for this one. It’d be an ISRA-centered game; they’re the mystically oriented clairvoyant psionic order. I’m not sure I’d want the PCs to be ISRAns. Maybe members of other orders on detached duty? Something like that.

The core question would have to be how to resolve the conflict between the Sufi ideals of ISRA and the hard technological bent of the rest of the Trinity universe. Is there time for mysticism while Rome is burning? Is it safe to ignore ISRA’s vague warnings?

The stairway to heaven is a reference to the teleporters: Upeo wa Macho (and their leader, Bolade Atwan), who have fled from Earth as a result of lots of events which are summarized here. The ISRA proxy (leader), Otha Herzog, is the only person left on Earth who Atwan trusts. Building a materialistic bridge to lure the teleporters back won’t work. Herzog is the key to bringing Upeo wa Macho back to Earth and reuniting the remaining psionic orders.


  1. Rob Rob

    This one deserved more comments. I don’t know enough about Trinity to respond to your idea, but gaming The Zep in general is something I can get behind.

    Sorry I’ve let the last bunch of Monday Mashups go by without comment. I love ’em, but when it’s a UA Monday I usually have to devote my all my wastable time to getting that ready.

  2. Very sad. Nobody appreciates the classics any more…

    Also one of my major traffic drivers, the estimable Ginger, has been on a blog hiatus for rather understandable reasons.

  3. The lady is a lawful neutral illusionist princess, who’s attempting to conjure a stairway to her people’s heaven (her love has died, she wants to be with him, and suicide would send her to the wrong place)….

  4. Hey, neat; John’s wiki does trackback.

  5. Bryant’s half of the mashup this time is the Led Zeppelin song Stairway to Heaven….

  6. Bryant’s half of the mashup this time is the Led Zeppelin song Stairway to Heaven….

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