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Who suffers

Not a lot of interesting new filings in White Wolf v. Sony this week. Lots of paperwork to get all the lawyers accepted in the court. The only real scrap of interest (and it’s only tangential) is the joint certification of interested persons, which lists those people who are either a) a party to the action or b) have a financial interest or other interest which could be substantially affected by the outcome of the case.

a) White Wolf, Inc.; White Wolf Publishing, Inc.; Nancy A. Collins; Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc.; Lakeshore Entertainment Corp.; and Screen Gems, Inc.

b) Stewart and Stephen Wieck; Mark Rein•Hagen; Sony Corporation; and Subterranean Productions, LLC.

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  1. Mags Mags

    Just want to say that I really appreciate you’re keeping us all up-to-date on the WWGS vs Sony lawsuit. I can’t find out any news about it any other way! Thanks for your efforts. Mags

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