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Texas in December

Now, this feels good. It is my great pleasure to — well, let’s be honest, to brag — that I will be in Austin, Texas on the weekend of December 5th to attend Butt-Numb-A-Thon 5.

It’s a 24 hour movie marathon, programmed by Harry Knowles. I made it to the second one after reading the report on the first one, and I had a hell of a time. I was sad to miss number 3 and I was mournful about missing number 4.

But I made the cut for BNAT 5. Can’t even begin to express how pleased I am. 24 hours of new movies, old movies, weird movies, freaky movies, and bad movies. A chance we’ll see Return of the King.

It’ll be the second geekiest thing I do all year (hey, I went to GenCon), but it’s gonna be a great time.


  1. And people said I was mad just for buying tickets to the LotR-a-Thon!

    Congrats and have much fun!

  2. When you talk about “the cut” does this mean you have a film being shown?

  3. Nah — there’s limited space in the theater, so there’s a sort of application process.

  4. Moose Moose

    I can’t begin to express how jealous I am.

  5. anonymous anonymous

    WTF is the population of Texas???

  6. kayla kayla

    What is the real population of texas??? we are reviewing it and no noe really knows!?!?!?!?!

  7. What is the real population of texas??? we are reviewing it and no noe really knows!?!?!?!?!

  8. OK, you’re all big fat dorks who can’t use a search engine.

    Go to Google. Search on texas population (two words, no quotes around them).

    Look at the first result… nah, no good.

    Look at the second result… aha! Everything you need.

    The population of Texas is about 21 million people as of 2001. Sheesh.

  9. osama osama

    you al nerds

  10. jon boy jon boy

    this website is tooo dim

  11. Steve Bob Steve Bob

    This is the stupidest ting that I have ever seen. And I will tell you, I have seen many stupid things!!!!!!!!!!!

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