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  1. Brant Brant

    I’ve fascinated by it–been watching it off-and-on in the coffee room here at work. Heck, I had trouble sleeping last night and watched a bit of it on CSPAN. It’s a brilliant thing to watch, really.

  2. Hrm. Stupid spelling at 10 o’clock in the morning. I meant to say “I’m fascinated by it.” I also have to say, watching orators in action in a thing of beauty–just when you thought great political speakers were dead, the Parties whip out the heavy hitters.

  3. It’s awesome. I’m pissed off that Comcast doesn’t do C-SPAN 2, but the Internet feed is pretty good.

    Schumer was really good — the Democrats are missing no opportunity to whip out that 168-4 chart in huge letters. Landrieu wasn’t quite as effective, I thought, but maybe just because she got really passionate when talking about the “Catholic judge” issue. I can see why people are talking about her as a star.

    Harkin is a gem. Yay Harkin.

    It may just be my bias showing, but I couldn’t help but think that the Republicans didn’t really think about getting good orators up there. Santorum was in particular… overwrought.

  4. Brant Brant

    Santorum! OMIGOD that man is INSANE! He’s thinks he’s like a Baptist preacher or something! Shouting and yelling and stuff. Ick!

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