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Spiky bitz

Neil Gaiman, co-creator of Medieval Spawn, made some provocative comments recently. (Scroll down through the rest of the mail till you get to the bit where some fanboy yells at Neil for holding up new Medieval Spawn merchandise.)

Todd’s currently appealing the jury verdict to the 7th Circuit court of appeal. I thought it would be simpler for everyone if I waited until the appeal was done and the jury decision was confirmed before licensing out Medieval Spawn toys, statues, games, comics, novelty condoms, or whatever.

I’m not sure how I’m “hurting the fans” by not doing anything until then. But I can assure you that when the jury decision is confirmed I will happily license out Medieval Spawn to anyone who wants to use him for anything at all, astonishingly cheaply. And of course Todd will get his 50%.

Woo hoo! Free/cheap licenses for Medieval Spawn! I wonder if Angela’s gonna get the same treatment?

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