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Second most wanted

Good news, without question. Doesn’t make people on US soil a whole lot safer, but it may make a difference for soldiers in Iraq, and it’s excellent news for the Iraqi people.

I could speculate all day on the possible effects of this. “Aha, now the attacks on American troops will slow down.” “Aha, now the Iraqis won’t feel the need for US protection and will demonstrate against the occupation.” “Aha, there will be a major boom in Saddam bobblehead dolls.” I don’t have any idea what will happen, though, so I’m not going to try and say something authoritative and convincing. I’ll just be happy the guy’s caught.

Josh Marshall can say something authoritative if he likes, though, cause he called this one. And — crap, here comes the cynicism. It’s great timing, capturing Saddam on the same day the Telegraph runs dubious stories about the Saddam/9-11 connection.

Well, chances are it’s just coincidence, anyhow. Still good news for the Iraqi people, either way.


  1. Michelle has too many questions to feel good yet: My…

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    They will go unheeded, but thank oyu for trying.

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