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Vague sketch

Credit to Joe Landsdale, Simon Green, and Green Ronin.

God of the Razor: domains are murder, knives, reflections.

God of Satin: domains are lust, seduction, hotels.

God of Twenties: domains are money, fraud, first impressions.

God of Tears: domains are regret, alcohol, and arguments.

They ride, like loas, except full-time until the horse dies. Sometimes it’s mutually agreeable, and sometimes not.


  1. Max Max

    Neat, and of great interest to me, but what are you going to do with this?

  2. God of the Razor I recognize from Landsdale – the Simon Green connection I think I get. The Green Ronin connection?

  3. Simon Green has a series with a God of the Razor in it, the Nightside books.

    Green Ronin’s Crooks, a supervillain collection, has this sort of street god concept as a background detail.

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