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So, did a lot of stuff happen while I was incommunicado or what? I refer, of course, to Nomar going on the DL.

Good things about WDW:

  • The new Kali River Rapids ride at Animal Kingdom. Top-notch water ride with the best line experience ever. Worth going to Animal Kingdom for, which is good, cause not much else is.
  • The new Aerosmith-themed roller coaster at Disney/MGM. It’s got rollover loops, just like a real roller coaster! Add in Tower of Terror, and Disney/MGM is definitely the right place to go for thrill rides at Disney.
  • The Adventurer’s Club at Pleasure Island is good clean fun. Bonus points cause we got to watch the Club’s “maid” badgering underage kids for wearing belly shirts.
  • Epcot. Epcot always rules. Mission Space is a great ride. Test Track disappointed, but so it goes. Reminder to self: Scandanavian history.
  • The weather. 70-80 degrees. And I’m tan now. Well, sort of.
  • DisneyQuest. Free Asteroids, Defender, Stargate, Berzerk, Centipede, Tron, Arkanoid, Joust, etc., etc. No Gorf, though, sadly. And I guess a bunch of modern games but really it’s all about the classics for me.
  • Spoodles over at the Boardwalk. I had a really good Moroccan tuna steak with lovely cous cous. Too expensive by a few bucks, certainly, particularly since the service wasn’t all that, but still very very tasty. Plus cheesecake. Mmm.
  • Chatting with the Splash Mountain manager for about an hour while his ride was down. He was incredibly polite and seemed happy to spend time talking even though he was in the middle of a crisis situation. He handled the crowds really well, too. What’s more, his boss spent some time helping people as well — it’s smart to make sure that even high level managers get face time with customers now and again.
  • Port Orleans French Quarter is a decent place to stay. Not too expensive as Disney goes, and a good location. Although the sheets are too short.

Other good things would be Universal’s Islands of Adventure theme park, in that the Hulk coaster and the Dueling Dragons coasters are excellent. And their Spiderman ride combines the tech Disney uses for the Animal Kingdom dino ride and the Disneyland Indiana Jones ride with 3D movies to immensely good effect — in fact, it’s probably the best ride I’ve ever been on period. On the other hand, going to another theme park really highlighted how good Disney customer service is in comparison to, well, almost anyone else.


  1. Jeff Dougan Jeff Dougan

    If I’d known before you left that you were going, I’d’ve encouraged you to go over to Pleasure Island and check out Toxic Audio. 5-person, high-energy, award-winning a cappella. (Did I mention that they’re really, really good, too?)

  2. Doh! If I’d known I definitely would have checked them out; I love good a capella groups.

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