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That took a lot of the pleasure out of The Apprentice. (Gonna be spoilers here.) Long story short, Trump made two errors:

1. Complaining that Team Troy set the rental price too low at $35-40K. The Director of Sales for the building told them that it had been renting for around $40K; given the time they had to rent it, it made sense to nail down any offer in that range and hope that the other team would whiff, which they very nearly did.

2. Firing Troy for not having an education. The guy’s run a couple of businesses and he lends out money for a living and you fire him because you think he’s going to do something stupid that he’d have learned not to do at Harvard? What, like picking a lousy location for lemonade sales? Wait, that was Kwame. Sigh. Paging Larry Ellison and Bill Gates. Not to mention that Troy’s the only person so far who’s had the balls and integrity to bring his friend into the boardroom.

Next week, Trump fires two people. Kwame’s next on the chopping block, and I’m guessing it’s one person from each team so that means either Nick goes or Amy goes. Nick’s a good bet. Amy and Bill face off… Bill probably wins. Course, I thought Troy was going all the way, so take that with a grain of salt.

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