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Mass Ave mischief

While driving home along Mass Ave last night, right after the Virgin Megastore and right before Longfellow Bridge, I notice one of those big LED official traffic billboards with some unexpected messages on it. The first one, I’m thinking, “Well, that’s a bit odd but maybe it’s some nice gesture for some cop who’s retiring or something.”

Happy Birthday Russell

Then I see the second message.

Russ Has No Dick

Then I pull around and stop and get all these pictures. (The better ones are after I figured out that I should turn off my flash.) The kids doing it are messing with the thing while I’m taking pictures; changing the messages and so on. It looks like someone left the control panel unlocked.

Happy Birthday Janet70

I worry a little bit about my plans to blog this, but hey, if they didn’t want their names known they perhaps would not have displayed them to a few hundred passing cars on Mass Ave.

Lauren Payne JD

Happy Saturday night, Boston. I do love this city.


  1. lp lp

    you rock! thanks for making me *famous*!


  2. Whoa, cool! Glad you found my post. Glad you did it, too — that made my night.

  3. This is weird, because my name is Lauren Payne and I live in Cambridge and I go to a college which is 2 seconds from where that pic was shot, and if i saw that happening i would have been confused for life. It’s strange that i even found this website.. ok.. bye.

  4. Lauren Payne Lauren Payne

    This is very weird because my name is also Lauren Payne. I live in Norwich. which is of no connection to you two. I was just interested in what sites that trow up my name….our name even πŸ™‚

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