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For the record, I spent most of Saturday having a pleasant Mother’s Day celebration with my family.

Sunday was the day I spent mesmerized by City of Heroes. And there is a screenshot album, which will keep getting updated as long as updating it amuses me. “Some villains do not wish to end their lives of crime. The Teleonaut uses his mystical shadow powers to reason with them.”


  1. What server are you playing on? 🙂

  2. Mostly Pinnacle, a bit of Justice. 🙂

  3. Bah. You’re all “I’m playing on Justice,” and not another word, so now I’m up to level 10 on Justice.


  4. Well, I’m time-splitting. I’ve got two chars at 6 on Justice, and I think I can get ’em up to 10 with a couple nights work, so I’ll spend some time there this week…

  5. I’m over on Liberty. I’m beginning to think Liberty must have cooties, though, since no one else (other than some Too folks) that I know seems to play there. 🙂

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