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Travel plans

Hey, I hear I’m going to be at GenCon. So, they say, are some of you.

I am not going to post my full schedule because nothing horrifies me more than people knowing where I’m going to be. Shudder. However, I will be at the Indie RPG Awards on Wednesday night around 9, and before that I will swing by Nicky Blaines since there’s a rumor that some people I know will be there, if they don’t mind me crashing the party. Hopefully the fine people at Nicky Blaines will have forgotten me from last year.

I will also be at the D&D Thirtieth Anniversary Party. I think this is Thursday night.

If anyone local needs me to pick anything up while I’m there, let me know — in particular, harder to find indie stuff. The No Press Anthology, the Iron Game Chef Fantasy Compilation, Nine Worlds, and Dogs in the Vineyard will be out. Mmm mmm good.

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