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In like Mitt

From time to time, people talk about Mitt Romney running for President of the United States. For those uncertain, Mitt Romney is the Republican Governor of Massachusetts; he also ran the fairly successful (if you ignore the scandals) Salt Lake City Olympics a few years back. He is a Mormon.

(Yes, Massachusetts has a Republican Mormon Governor. Please don’t let that shake your belief that Massachusetts is some kind of a Communist protectorate, though; it’s always fun watching people underestimate Massachusetts and its politicians.)

Anyway, as occurs with all successful Massachusetts politicians, people are talking about Romney as a potential candidate for President a few years down the line. This strikes me as a wonderful possibility, not so much because I want to see Mitt running this country but because I think his candidacy could strike some of the fracture lines in the Republican coalition. I think it would be fun watching the conservative Christian faction within the party grappling with a Romney candidacy, let alone a Romney nomination.

So this is a thumbs up for a Romney run. You heard it here first. Alas, the guy’s probably smart enough to know he’d go the way of Orrin Hatch.


  1. Bryant — don’t you think that description of Romney’s role in Salt Lake is a little misleading? After all, he was the one called in to rescue a disaster in the making primarily because of those scandals you mention.

  2. I was more thinking of the judging issues, which admittedly were not something he coulda prevented easily.

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