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  1. I find it unutterably offensive that the President of this country (and/or the people who work for him) cannot allow free speech to happen. There are guidelines for acceptable versus unacceptable speech. They are there for a reason. I wish I could say that this was surprising, but it isn’t. It’s just very, very sad.

  2. Note: not the same state. Curse my love for alliteration.

  3. Lee Lee

    How narrow minded are you you JERK. Free speach dose not mean that you go around looking for reasons to SLANDER the president of the country. It means that you have the right to express your opion about things……… WHY would you even go to a politcal rally where you are not wanted??? just wanted some attention????
    I am so tired of you bleeding heart liberals in this country always trying to stir the pot. Stop it NOW while we still have a country to be free in. I have served in the U S Army and proud of it I would go fight in the mid east if I werent 60 years old. Stop being a coward. SHUT YOUR PIE HOLE ABOUT UOR PRES.
    Maybe you can do better?????? Have a great life

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