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Two weeks

Says Hugh Hewitt:

… the weakness of Kerrry as a candidate is obvious from the fact that it has now been 38 days since Kerry sat down on camera with a major figure from American journalism for an in-depth interview that would be certain to bring up Kerry’s whoppers about his Vietnam service.

I see. And the last Bush on-camera interview with a major figure from American journalism was… when? Larry King, on August 12th? So that’d be 26 days ago or so.

We now know the official difference between weak candidates and strong candidates. If you don’t do interviews for 26 days, that’s OK — but if you go 12 days further, well, that’s weakness.


  1. t. rev t. rev

    Bush has a day job, though.

  2. dave dave

    True… making Jow Schmoe in Butthump, Texas think that 11,000 dead Iraqis is somehow keeping him “safe” to name one.

    Lining his pockets with billions in oil money to name 2.

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