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Unlikely quotes

You know what? This document was not created in 1973. Maybe it’s a transcription, but that’s Times New Roman, and those are curly apostrophes, and there’s just no way. Also, it’s a lousy CYA memo, since it’s just claims with no backing evidence.

CBS needs to provide an evidence trail for those memos, or give up on their authenticity.


  1. t. rev t. rev

    Talking to people about the memos lately has me feeling like I’m in an episode of the Twilight Zone.

    I mean, I believe Bush very likely did have a drug-soaked and debauched youth, so I’m not inclined to dismiss the accusations levelled by the memos–except that the memos are clearly fake, obviously fake, hilariously fake, look-at-them-for-thirty-seconds fake, HEY WAKE UP POINDEXTER IT’S YOUR MA AND SHE’S MADE OF HAM fake.

    But most of the people I talk to are convinced of the veracity of the memos in a way that seems to resist argument, evidence, or demonstration of any kind. It’s genuinely creepy. The weirdest remark so far was from someone who said he liked CBS’s reporting on the subject because they interviewed ‘real people’–from which I can only infer that ‘real’ in this context means ‘seen on a TV screen’. Draw your own conclusions about that.

  2. Yeah. People keep obsessing about the superscripts and the kerning and crap, but that’s so far away from the point you’d need a telescope.

    Type up the document in Word, in Times Roman. Look at the line breaks and where the words fall in relationship to one another. Now change the font to Garamond. The line breaks are different. Change it to Bookman. The line breaks are different. Etc.

    That’s how I know it’s Times Roman. It’s not that complicated.

  3. t. rev t. rev

    I’m not interested in the validity of the documents per se, but I’m fascinated by what this all says about the generation and maintenance of belief systems. It’s one thing to accept abstractly that we all walk around more or less hypnotized, it’s another to actually get to watch people staring at the big neon spiral.

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