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The Boston Film Festival has a terrible interface. You select which movie you want info on from a pulldown menu, which is bad; the movie pages don’t have information on which dates the movies are playing, which is lame; and the pages for each individual date don’t have links to the movie description pages. Buh. The film list helps a little but not enough.

Anyhow, it all starts tonight, and I would be remiss if I did not point out a few movies.

Being Julia has an intriguing cast and an OK description. I would try and see this but I’m booked the two days it’s playing. (9/13, 9/14)

Bright Young Things is a Stephen Fry movie based on an Evelyn Waugh book. What more do you need to know? Once again I am booked, damn it. (9/13)

Dead and Breakfast is David Carradine and zombies. This played at FantAsia and I missed it and I was sad, but now I can fix that. (9/17)

Guerilla: The Taking of Patty Hearst is on this list for Rob’s sake. (9/16, 9/18)

Kontroll has gotten good press and is playing right now up at the Toronto Film Festival in their Midnight Madness program. (9/18)

Ong Bak is of course great and you should all see it. I’ve seen it a bunch but that won’t stop me from going to see it on the big screen. (9/17, 9/18)

Overnight is probably fun, but watching it would feel a little too much like slowing down to see the accident. And I liked Boondock Saints. And I’m booked. (9/13)

Primer looks interesting; I’m a sucker for indie SF films. I may try to find time to catch it. Except, damn it, busy tonight. (9/10)

Schultze Gets the Blues looks really fun. About time accordions got some screen time in a positive manner. Another Tuesday movie, though, sigh. (9/14)

Silver City looks, to be honest, too blunt weapon for me — but I bet it’s good. Great cast. Tough decision. (9/12)

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