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Beyond and above

So I had to send my laptop into Apple for repairs a month or so ago. My own fault: I dropped it. The next time I used the DVD drive, I noticed it wasn’t working. OK; I called Apple up and said “Hey, this happened, I need to get it fixed.” I kind of expected that they’d charge me for it, since chances are it broke when I dropped the laptop.

Nope. Since they didn’t catch it the first time round, they decided it was their fault and fixed it for free. I dropped my laptop in a box on Monday of this week, it arrived at Apple on Tuesday, they fixed it and sent it out on the same day, and it’s in my hands again on Wednesday. That’s what I call rapid turnaround.

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  1. I’ve had the same experiences with my laptops. It’s pretty amazing IMHO. It’s still painful being w/out a laptop for a few days, but the turnaround is always amazing. You also tend to get slightly better speeds if you drop it off at the Apple Store.

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