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Three axis

Note to self: the Miike RPG has six stats, arranged in three pairs. Love/Obsession, Violence/Brutality, and Sex/Possession. I suspect that when I write the game and stick it behind a content warning, that last pair will become something more explicit and raw; “Possession” is a muted form of what I have in mind. I think the rating in each pair remains constant — so you could have 3 dots in Love/Obsession. The question is how you manifest it.

I have this unformed mechanic in which character creation involves each player telling stories about their character until someone says “OK, that squicks me.”

I am not sure that I would actually want to play this game, but I kind of want to write it.


  1. If you haven’t seen kill puppies for satan then in play it works with players escalating the things they do until it gets to the squick point. It’s very interesting.

  2. Scott Knipe Scott Knipe

    I’ve been kicking a similar idea around for a while – a game that rewards players for crossing that line. Miike is an influence, as is the artwork of Jake Karns. I always end up asking myself “What’s the point?”.

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