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And the ship

So I’m not going to talk about the movie at all. You can’t see it for four months; why should I even plague you with an opinion on quality? I think you should see it, where “you” means “yes, you, reading this right now.” Further I will not say.

I will talk about the experience of the preview a little. Sean Maher (Simon) and Morena Baccarin (Inara) showed up at the theater to thank us for coming and sign autographs. Joss Whedon had a trailer before the movie in which he talked about how we needed to go out and be browncoats and push the movie. The interesting thing for me was that he speaks with a fannish accent — you may know the one. Not the gamer fannish accent, which is fairly light, but the SF fan accent. He talks the way people who go to a lot of SF cons talk, with those careful pauses and deliberate telegraphing of wryness.

Pretty good atmosphere for seeing a movie.


  1. starmonkey starmonkey

    Points from the trailer:

    is Jayne (Adam Baldwin) skinny now? He looks like he’s lost 10kgs… which goes against his ‘big man’ vibe in the series.

    I was hoping for river’s “two by two, hands of blue” freaky chanting in the trailer, but instead they did a pseudo matrix bitchslap y’all scene that didn’t excite me too much (I much prefered the scene in the trailer where she is against the ceiling, using the fire nozzle and the top of the walls as support).

    I’m keen to see how far they develop Book’s background, too, which was always hinted at being deeper in the series.

  2. I wouldn’t say he’s skinny, but he’s not as big as he was.

    No comment on the other stuff.

  3. starmonkey starmonkey

    request: can you delete my email address from the previous post? don’t want it farmed.


  4. You saw it?! OMG I think I hate you. Well, maybe not, but I’m certainly jealous, you … ooooh! Urgh! Ah!

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