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Month: December 2005

Rip. Mix. Burn.

Someone in my family who will remain nameless for soon to be apparent reasons got me a T-shirt for Christmas. Kinda. It looks a lot like this. Except he didn’t buy it from

He downloaded the image, printed it onto transfer paper, and ironed it onto a blank T-shirt.

So I’m horrified, right? Intellectual property, the ability to profit from creativity, etc. I’d buy one except that design is sold out. But I’m also tremendously amused. Talk about your remix culture. This particular family member is like fifteen years old. He didn’t even think twice about getting the T-shirt that way. Immediate satisfaction, no wait time.

If people want to be selling intellectual property in the future? Better figure out a way to get it into the hands of consumers immediately, cause people are gonna be doing their own pre-fab. Culture’s changing. It’s probably not going to take Lawrence Lessig to get rid of our current problems with copyright; that stuff is all going to seem silly in twenty years or so.

Well within my lifetime. The rate of change gets scary.

Holly war

So far the score in the War on Christmas goes something like this:

Number of people who’ve told me the PC police will yell at anyone who says “Merry Christmas”: 3
Number of times I’ve been yelled at for saying Merry Christmas: 0
Number of attorneys ready to file suits against people who substitute “Happy Holidays” for “Merry Christmas”: 1550
Number of ACLU employees in the main New York office: 170 (in 2002)

Merry Christmas!

Visit alert

My lovely sweetheart is going to be in Boston from January 20th to January 30th or so; the first weekend we’ll be mostly down on the Cape, but other than that we’re free. I’m still gonna be working that week, which means offers of daytime company would certainly be appreciated. Also we probably oughta do a dinner Monday night or something like that.

Who’s in?

Goes up to RGB

These Depression era photos in color are amazing; the subjects are interesting, but the perceptual aspect is more so. I think perhaps we’re used to thinking of the denizens of the 30s in black and white. These color versions — surely they’re publicity stills from Seabiscuit or Road to Perdition? It seems artificial, even though it’s definitionally authentic.

We don’t live in the world we live in. It’s an imaginary construct, and it’s surprising to see it as it really is.

Via CNN.

Six more than zero

My opinion on the news I just read is sort of an incoherent haze of happiness. So, Mister Bond, would you like a six CD set of Richard Thompson rarities and live performances for your birthday?

“Yes please.”

Gosh. What’s going to be on it? Lots of stuff. An entire CD full of live performances with extended improvisations. A CD of covers! Which has that cover of “Willie and the Hand Jive/Not Fade Away” he was doing on the 1985 tour on it — pity they didn’t stick his “Hey Joe” on there. What an insane set.