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About those movies

It is somewhat unlikely that I will do a best movies post this year, because I fell in love and maintaining an LDR wreaks merry havoc with the movie-going. I liked Sin City and A History of Violence; they make a nice pair of bookends, as one’s a commentary on the memes captured by the other.

Roger Ebert’s list looks pretty good, though. I wanted to see most of the movies he lists.


  1. Kirby Kirby

    Yay, love!

    And, WRT movies, Yay Netflix! It’s an awesome way to jot down movies I want to see some day, and then some day actually comes and they show up in my mailbox, and I ask myself, “What’s this? Why did I add this to my list?” and it turns out to be something like _Magnolia_ which was really splendid.

    I tend to add most of Ebert & Roeper’s ten best lists straight to my queue, filtering out genres that I explicitly don’t like.

  2. I use Greencine. They are like Netflix, but substantially cooler and somewhat slower.

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