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We have caught up on Lost, thanks to Chris, Tivo, Bittorrent, and iTunes. As a result, I have a new theory, which I think is completely original. Although it’s flawed insofar as it explains precisely none of the mysteries at all. Still, it’s a good theory.

I noticed last night, while Sayid, Charlie, and Ana-Lucia were off investigating something dangerous without telling anyone where they were going — this, to make sure that anything that happened to them would be as bad as possible and cause as much impact on the rest of the group as was feasible — you can’t go telling people what you’re doing, especially if you’re violating the First Rule, which is “bring the irreplaceable doctor with you on any risky expedition” — crap, lost track.

Oh yeah! Two badasses and a bottom. You can’t do a trek on the island without two badasses and a bottom. Sayid, Charlie, Ana-Lucia. Danielle, Kate, and Claire. Locke, Sawyer, and Jack. Jack’s the interesting one cause he’s constantly fluctuating between the two basic roles. But you can tell where he is at any given moment.

There’s something going on about some kind of Project, too, but it’s too opaque for me to worry about.

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