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Lost Badass List: 5/25/2006

Last week’s list is here. This week’s list:

1. Sayid
2. Mr. Eko
3. Sawyer
4. Jun
5. Kate

Commentary and spoilers after the jump.

While being dead is enough to disqualify you from being a badass, I don’t think we can reach conclusions about who’s alive and who’s not at this point. Open question: if a dead character, such as Libby, is exceedingly badass in flashbacks, are they eligible? Preliminary ruling: yes.

Sayid holds the first place spot by virtue of coming up with a smart plan and the fact that Mr. Eko got himself blown up. Possibly twice. On the plus side for our not so priestly (and only possibly dead) friend, he was bugfuck enough to set off sweaty dynamite a few feet from him, so he can hold the second spot for now. Sawyer keeps the third spot, because he killed a man.

Jun moves up to number four even though he didn’t do a whole lot, because he was active — he’s got huge potential and moving towards realizing it is a win. Finally, Kate leapfrogs Locke after she noticed the people following our heros. Locke leaves the list because, well, he almost destroyed the world out of stubborn pique. No biscuit for him.

Also not on the top five: Jack, because he’s a whiny little jerk. Michael, because he’s a lousy traitor. Hurley, who was not quite angry enough to snap like a twig and rush not-Henry or Michael. Desmond, who took some exceedingly ballsy actions but who didn’t have to actually face anyone down to do it. The Others remain ineligible, but we’ll reexamine that ruling next year, given that not-Henry is about the baddest ass currently on the island.

Next season, we have a number of strong candidates for entry onto the list, depending on screen time and such. Pen was looking good this week despite limited screen time, because funding an Antarctic station just to find one guy is pretty hardcore, not to mention the way she tracked Desmond down casually, not to mention the stone cold certainty with which she held out on telling him about the note in the book. Sun also will be a dead cinch for inclusion if she keeps on with the “I’m doing this and you are going to be happy about it” attitude. And, of course — well, we’ll see who’s really dead, won’t we?

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