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Punch In The Face Index: S2E2

This is the second PITF Index for Season 2 of Heroes, the superhero TV show where people really like to punch each other in the face.

Face-punch count: 4. Recap punches don’t count even if you think a slap in the face does.

PITF Index after the cut.

But first a quick recap of the rules. Being evil does not mean you need to be punched in the face. Being punched in the face is a direct result of being snarky, useless, whiny, smarmy, petulant, emo, or Mohinder. People not appearing in the episode are not eligible for being punched in the face, except in extreme circumstances like we run out of people to punch. Dead people are immune, probably, unless they appear in flashback or something. Previous performance does influence current placement.

This week, our list looks like this.

1. New kid at Claire’s school, for continued smarm and serious spy activity. Putz.
2. The Alchemist, for being hugely smarmy and a Company drone for the second straight week, plus he’s dumb and bitchy.
3. Takezo Kensei, for being drunk and greedy and considering the swordsmith’s daughter to be booty.
4. Angela Petrelli, for withholding evidence. Susan disagrees due to the later murder attempt, but if we disqualified everyone who someone tried to kill, we couldn’t count Mohinder. Susan acknowledges that this is a good point.
5. Irish dude makes it on at the last minute, not for being a thug or a criminal, but rather for saying that Peter shouldn’t have saved his sister.

Mohinder escapes even honorable mentions, although if he keeps being all arrogant about his International Scientist of Mystery Double Agent career, he’s gonna be on the kind of shaky ground that inevitably leads to tripping and falling face-first into someone’s fist.

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